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Creative Arts Therapy plays an Increasing Role in Standard of Care for Patients in Military Settings

Creative arts therapy plays increasing role in standard of care for patients in military settings.  The National Endowment for the Arts announces a partnership with the Department of Defense to implement a music therapy program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 

This is a giant step forward for the  creative arts therapies in the military.  Please show your support by posting this info on your own blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.  Thank you!


For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma

So happy to see the media paying attention to the success of mind-body therapies in treating trauma symptoms with Veterans and military members.

A Marine’s Return to Ballet

See how dance has helped this Marine creatively express his military experiences.

A Marine’s Return to Ballet

Portraits of War

How artists are helping to tell the stories of our wounded warriors.  Portraits of War

Yoga for Military and Veterans

I would like to offer yoga services to active duty military and Veterans in the San Diego area.  I am a board certified dance/movement therapist and registered yoga instructor.  I currently teach yoga and meditation to active duty military in a residential substance abuse program.  I find that many of these individuals come to treatment with resistance and preconceived notions about yoga.  The majority of them leave treatment loving yoga and wanting to continue practicing after they leave.  I believe that a yoga class just for military and Veterans might ease some of the fear and uncertainty about practicing yoga in the civilian world. 

If there is interest in this area, please feel free to respond to this blog or contact me individually.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Department of Defense Endorses Art Therapy as a Way to Help Troops Heal

The Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs are utilizing the creative arts therapies on an increasingly regular basis to aid troops and Veterans on the road to recovery and healing.  See this recent article published by the DOD.

Art Therapy Helps Troops Heal

More Media Attention on Yoga in the Military

It is nice to see that there is continued attention in the media on how yoga and meditation has been helpful to service men and women in coping with combat symptoms.  Yoga Helps Soldiers with PTSD

VA Promotes Using Yoga and Meditation to Treat PTSD in Veterans

My debut as Public Affairs Officer for the Navy Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

War Dance: Dance Therapy with US Military Across the Generations.

I will be presenting about my experiences using dance therapy with veterans and active duty military at the upcoming annual American Dance Therapy Association conference.

Collaborations: Different Identities, Mutual Paths

October 20-23, 2011

Radisson Plaza Hotel – Minneapolis, MN

The 46th Annual Conference of the American Dance Therapy Association promises to be a very special collaborative venture, as we join forces with the National Dance Education Organization and the International Guild for Musicians in Dance.

For further information please visit