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American Dance Therapy Association Annual Conference

Dance therapy is alive and well in 2012 and stands strong in this tumultuous time in our history.  This year’s ADTA conference in Albuquerque, NM was a colorful collage of connection, new ideas, creativity, and deep wisdom.  The International Balloon Fiesta was the perfect backdrop for this meeting, as we all felt lifted by one another’s support and enthusiasm.  In the two days that I attended workshops I experienced dance through drumming, touch, eco-therapy, clinical assessment, and trauma exploration.   Dance as therapy is crucial to the healing of humanity’s wounds; the evidence cannot be ignored.   So wherever you are, dance strong, dance loud, and dance often.  You owe it to yourself.



For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma

So happy to see the media paying attention to the success of mind-body therapies in treating trauma symptoms with Veterans and military members.

Hip Hop Psychology

Really interesting branch of psychology that I have just become aware of.  I used to teach hip hop dance classes and have always found this form of dance to be quite therapeutic.  Check out their website!

New Video Promotes Dance Therapy with Veterans

There is a new educational video created by Veterans Health Administration about the recreation and creative arts therapies.  Dance therapy is mentioned and I make a short appearance leading a group of Veterans in a dance therapy session.  This video is a great resource and potential teaching tool for recreation and creative arts therapists.  If interested in a copy, I will connect you with the person who faciltates the project.


California Chapter Update in Recent ADTA Newsletter

Check out the California Chapter update on page 13.

Acknowledgement in Newly Published Book

My research on mirror neurons and DMT is discussed in this recently published book.  Please check it out if you get the opportunity.  Thanks!


Photos of Dance Therapy Innovators Panel Discussion at Anna Halprin’s Mountain Home Studio

Please enjoy these pictures of a lovely and historic event.