The Work of Allison F. Winters Fisher, PhD, BC-DMT, E-RYT



Comments on: "Veterans, Dance Therapists, and VA staff take on the Gimme Five Dance Challenge!" (1)

  1. Neve Parker said:

    Dear Allison F. Winters,

    I am a student, a Junior, at New Paltz High School currently working on a project for my course in Science Research, and I am writing to you in the hope that you might be able to provide me with a little guidance or mentoring with my research or if you could refer me to someone else in this area of work.

    I am primarily interested in the study of movement (I am passionate about dance) and how it is affected by human psychology. While I am very flexible in my choice of my specific area of study and experimentation, I was fascinated by my research last year as a Sophomore in the subject of proprioception, especially by the theory that dancers are psychologically more able to discern the position of their bodies in space than non-dancers.

    I would only ask for a small amount of time from my academic “mentor” to review and comment on this work in progress, either in person or by phone. I am very interested in the psychology of dance/movement and the mind/body connection that helps us heal.

    Please contact me at me at your earliest convenience at

    Thank you!

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